Martin L. Bruce

    Newspaper ad, 6-2-1911, Vermont Phoenix

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Biographical Information

BORN March 17, 1845
DIED June 7, 1913
BURIED Moringside Cemetery, Brattleboro, Vermont, Plot #49
COMMENTS Post war occupation: MD

Military Service

RESIDENCE Braintree, Vermont
ENLISTED November 27, 1861 as a Private
MUSTERED February 18, 1862
UNIT Company G, 8th Vermont Infantry
PROMOTED January 1, 1864 Corporal
July 1, 1864 Sergeant

March 3, 1865 Commissioned 1st Lieutentent

DISCHARGED June 28, 1865, mustered out
COMMENTS October 19, 1864, wounded at Battle of Cedar Creek

George Henry Austin

    E.H. Allen,  Photographer, Bradford, VT

For more information on this soldier, from the Vermont in the Civil War website, click here.

austin letter  2 austin letter  3 austin letter  4 

New Orleans, June 14, 1862

Dear parents,

I received your kind letter on the 13th day of June and glad I was to hear from home. I have received 2 letters from you since I sailed from New York and I found a very kind letter from Helen in the first one. Why don’t Helen write to me and not send them home? Has not she got my address or does she think they will go safer to send them to you? But, I don’t know whether it makes any difference or not. I would like to hear from Albert. I wrote you my address and you write it to him. I want you to when you write. When you write next I want you to tell me how many letters you have sent to me.           

I spoke to Lt. Gitchell [Lt. Alfred E. Getchell] about my money matter and if we had blanks here we would make the money over in to your hands. But our reg’t is not with us. They are over to Algiers across the river. He said he would have it done this mail, but I have hardly time to write these letters. Use all of that money that you want. Lt. Gitchell says we shall get that seven doll[ars] a month by the time this letter gets to you. He says go to Bliss and ask of him the money and tell him I request him to give it up and the blanck also and I shall have another made out the next mail. I am glad to hear that Dan is having things fixed up around the premises.           

Our Captain [Cyrus B. Leach] is a different man since we come from B [Bradford, Vermont]. He likes to feel well. He don’t have much to say to the boys, only dam[n] and swear. It don’t look well. But it don’t make any difference with me. If I ever get home, he will hear from somebody, now I will bet one month’s pay. I don’t like the way things move. Our Lieutenants are both good fellows. Lt. [Darius] Child or [Alfred] Getchell will do me a favor when they think it is proper for me to do so. The mosquitoes are so thick here that we have to set up nights and sleep daytime. I wish you could see them. You don’t know anything about it. Skeeters, they are thicker than rebels. 5 of them will take hold of a man’s legs and move him off. They are boosters. Perhaps you think my story is false, but that is the best way that I can explain the matter. But I am exadrating.  

I will continue my letter now. I have just finished my supper. They take some prisoners. They take some everyday and equipments to[o]. Charles Peters is coming home. I expect George Dow is not verry well. My health is good yet. We have heard that Burgard [Beauregard] has given all the forts up on the river and he says that he can whip us out on land. They say that they are going to take the city back. I would like to see them doing it very well. Thare is some gun boats in the river that would burn it in less than an hour if they under took it. I have [w]rote you a lots of letters and don’t see what is the reason is that I don’t get more answers. It is Sunday tomorrow and we will have got to go on provost duty. We will have to stand 24 hours without relief.           

I must close. So good night from your boy. Write. Write.

G.H. Austin

Use all that money that you want. Don’t go pinched on my ac[c]ount.

I wrote to Bennie Baldwin and he will have one in that for you. And can you tell Dan when he goes to the office to go and see Bennie? When he gets this you will know.