4 thoughts on “Sharpshooter

  1. rickminettMinett says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. My great-great-great grandfather, Exes Minette, was in the 2nd Vermont Sharpshooters. I’ve been searching for any information regarding him and his regiment.

  2. Hi Rick, Thanks for the comment about your ancestor. I am assuming you have seen this, but here is a link to information about Exes Minette on the VT in the Civil War website: http://www.vermontcivilwar.org/get.php?input=24056

    • rickminettMinett says:

      Hi Francis,
      Yes, we found this information just a couple of months ago. My wife and I were in New England and we dropped in to visit the Rutland Historical Society. The wonderful folks there helped us a lot. We also drove to Dorset and found St Jerome cemetery. We were able to find his gravesite. I’ve since become fascinated by history of the Civil War, Vermont and the Rutland area. Exes lived and worked in Mt Tabor (we found record of when her signed up for the Civil War in a book about the history of Mt Tabor). My grandfather was born in Rutland. Many of my ancestors lived and worked in Rutland and Proctor area.

      • Glad to hear you are enjoying researching your ancestor. For a small state, Vermont troops played a huge part in the Civil War. I will keep his name if mind, if I find any information about him.

        If you want to read more about Vermont in the Civil War, I would highly recommend “Full Duty” and “Battered Stars” both by Howard Coffin.

        Good luck and please keep me informed of your progress.

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