image_4This is a growing collection of more than 300 Vermont Civil War photographs and other pieces of ephemera. It is as diverse as the people of the small state they loved and called home.

There are men who served in the infantry, the cavalry, the artillery and the sharpshooters. Some served briefly, while others served for the entire war. They range in rank from private to general. Some rose through the ranks, while others dropped.

Some of these images are identified, while other names have been lost to time. Some of these men were heroes and medal of honor winners, while others were listed as deserters. Most served somewhere in between, simply doing their duty as they saw it.

Here are men who were wounded and killed in battle, or died of disease far from home. Some survived, but lived a painful, shortened life caused by the effects of the war. Others lived long and prospered. None of them were ever the same.

There are three things that tie this diverse group together: They are all Vermonters, they all have a face, and they all have a story to tell. It is my passion to put a face to each name, and to voice their stories as best I can.

If you recognize any of the unidentified images, or if you can add anything to their stories, please contact me. I take great pleasure in sharing my collection with anyone interested, and I am always looking to buy Vermont backmarked or identified images.


17 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sandra Berthiaume says:

    I would leave a “like” but I don’t have a wordpress not a password. no where to make a password, but know I look forward to visiting often.

  2. joemaghe says:

    I enjoyed my visit here. Thank you for your work. Well done!

  3. Thank you Joe. I appreciated seeing your collection.

  4. Jim Lillie says:

    PHOTO OF Lillie, Harvey. Correspondence., Source: UVM

  5. Sue May says:

    Thank you for your collection. I am looking for my great grandfather and his sons. John Caraway aka Jean-Baptiste Danis and my great grandfather Daniel Dennis (1st Vermont Cav.) Your information on Dennis Blackmer may lead to my grand mother who married Edward Dennis. Winifred Blackmer born in Connecticut, father Edward Blackmer. She was admitted to a Temporary Home in 1895. I’m hoping that Daniel Blackmer may lead me to more information on my grand mother. Thank you again for your dedication to these soldiers.
    Sue May

  6. Frank says:

    Hi. Anything on Storrs Start from the 2nd Vermont. I have some things of his, including his Gettysburg diary. Also have a fife from the 2nd too. Thanks, Frank

  7. Hi Frank! Sorry, but nothing on Storrs Start. Thanks for getting in touch.

  8. Frank says:

    Hi. May have asked already, anything on Storrs Start, 2nd Vermont? My email is jaguar7266@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Frank

  9. Glenn McCarthy says:

    Hello, I have a cdv with a backmark C. L. Howe PHOTOGRAPHY Brattleboro vt. I reseached this once before an found J.M. Richardson. However I did not save the information, now I can no longer find anything. I would appreciate any help ,Thank you Glenn

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Frances – love the new website. Looks like you’ve got Vermont well covered while I try to do the same for NH images. https://dmorinsite.wordpress.com/

  11. David Morin says:

    Hi Frances – love the new website. Looks like you’ve got Vermont well covered while I try to do the same for NH images. https://dmorinsite.wordpress.com/

    • Good morning Dave. Thanks for the kind words & for getting in touch. As you say, I cover VT while you cover NH. I checked out your well done WordPress site. I notice you have some VT CDV’s. I have 3 NH back marked CDV’s. Would you consider a trade?

      • David Morin says:

        I don’t know if you know Will Griffing. He does the Spared & Shared Civil War letter website. He proposed the idea of a NH image website. He set it up and maintains it. My job is to share my images with research info and he does the rest.

      • David Morin says:

        We can discuss an image swap if you’d like.

  12. Paul LeBlanc says:

    I will attempt to get you a photo and enlisted papers of my great-great grandfather Benjamin F. Hulburd (Vermont 7th and 2nd) who died in the Battle of Cedar Creek….His letters somehow fell out our family hands and some still sell on eBay….I believe he had a brother Daniel C. Hulburd and nephew Loyal Porter Hulburd that fought in the war

  13. Steve Gaudette says:

    I’ve looked just about everywhere for a portrait of my 3rd GGG, Samuel Sweetland, who was with the 3rd Vt and died in a CSA prison hospital in Richmond in 1862. Also one of his brother Artemas. We know a picture of Samuel did exist, but discovered that it was stored in an outdoor shed, got water damage and was destroyed in the 1930’s.

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